We produce effective solutions to each Net Loft or Nets Manufacturer for a professional approach to the nets assembling.


Our company was founded in 1980 by Felice Buraschi who put his experience and knowledge into the light-weight carpentry of sewing machines for domestic uses.

The company has passed from father to son and today, driven by the same passion and infinite attention to quality for our machines which have undergone extensive development and innovation in more than 40 years of activity.

Currently, we work with Net Loft, Netmakers and farms in more than 50 countries, all over the world, which are using our net sewing machines for aquaculture and fishing nets, sports nets, safety nets, and industrial nets.

Our brand is well known because our products are: easy and ready for use, work hard for years and have low maintenance and marked with the European Standard CE, and are environmentally friendly.

We increased our commercial presence by opening two sister companies abroad in Chiloe, Chile, and in NJ, USA,  to be more close to customers, providing a more efficient service.

Net sewing machines are our core business, but not least are our testing equipment for net’s abrasion resistance and durability tests and for net’s breaking load tests and many other products for aquaculture and other sectors.  

Our various equipment grant effective solutions to each Net Loft or Nets Manufacturer for a professional approach to the nets assembling.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our R&D Department works exclusively to find improvements and innovative ideas in order to transform your needs in customized equipment making your work easy.

This philosophy, combined with experience and know-how, has led to a generation of technically advanced machines, known for their long life and reliability over time because we use the best materials available on the market, without compromise. In fact, we are considered the ideal partner because we design and manufacture, with unique skills and expertise, machines for sewing knotted and knotless nets and ropes of various thicknesses.

We have always paid particular attention to customer satisfaction and the constant search for new and better solutions. Our main goal is to continue to provide high quality and innovative solutions, as well as excellent after-sales services to aquaculture, industrial and security netting companies around the world.


Our Spare Parts service will take care of comfort for our customers anywhere, anytime, and keeping their production systems always running.

We guarantee fast delivery and timely intervention worldwide.

Our personnel with specific training is available to supply all necessary technical support to the customers and ready to offer remote assistance by a lot of channels.

Our scheduled maintenance services from old to new products support our customers in preventing unplanned machine downtimes.

The After-Sales Department is made up of skilled, efficient and easily reachable people: a group of specialized technicians who make their know-how and experience available, so that BURASCHII machinery can be used at their best, to solve any operation problem and to train the customer’s staff. After-Sales service means customer care, with the maximum attention and availability.