Aquaculture Netting

Aquaculture is one of the main sector of the nets produced with our heavy duty net sewing machines.

This sector is constantly evolving and requires ever higher quality in the selection of materials and stitching.

The speed of the process and the quality of the output are therefore essential for the finished nets to meet such high requirements.

Sewing machines for fish netting and fish cages

Thanks to our 40 years experience in the aquaculture sector, we are able to satisfy the most diverse requirements for net lofts and net makers by providing them with our advice on the choice of the most suitable machines for their processes or by creating customized machines tailored to their needs. The only limit in this case is really only the imagination!

The components of our sewing machines for nets are completely designed and manufactured in Italy, as well as the machines themselves. The components most subject to wear are made with high resistance materials and processed with CNC method that guarantees integrity, resistance and precision.

Our engineers strictly follow the industry and its developments to adapt our sewing machines to this varied and growing demand.

Fish netting and fish cages always in perfect condition

In aquaculture, having fish cages always in perfect conditions allows you to work continuously and without losses that would compromise the profitability of the farm. The problems are the same with fishing nets, a net in perfect condition will allow fishermen to work smoothly.

To always guarantee perfect results, we have created special equipment and tools that range from checking the mesh to test its elongation and resistance to abrasion tests to high-efficiency drying.

Not only that, if the nets are broken, they can be repaired with our portable automatic net clippersperfect for on-site repaireven underwater. There will be no more holes in fishing nets or fish cages!

The drying phase that can be carried out either by leaving the nets hanging in insulated rooms equipped with fans, or by using special dryers that allow optimal drying without damaging the nets.

A feature of our dryers is their high efficiency: thanks to the special heat recovery system and the minimum maintenance required, they consume less than traditional systems and are therefore environmentally friendly.

As for the traditional drying of nets, our dryer must necessarily be installed in a closed and isolated room.

Easily installed fish cages and vaccination tanks

Where fish cages are made of mesh panels our marine zippers offer the possibility of a quick and simple replacement of each panel. In this case you just need to prepare the cages so that they are modular and scalable. A perfect solution not only in the fishing industry, but also for sports facilities where the rapid removal and installation of nets and tarpaulins is necessary.