Industrial Netting

Nets, tarpaulins and ropes are extensively used in the industrial sector for very different applications, which is why it is one of the sectors we pay close attention to when designing our net sewing machines,testing equipment and net repairing tools.

Among the most common applications there are protection nets for pallet racks, protection nets for transporters, barrier nets, even customized, tarpaulins for the containment of wastewater or drinking water, and for sewage or oil, cover tarpaulins, security nets, privacy nets and so on. Many applications with very different characteristics and therefore with different processing needs.

Safe and resistant industrial nettings

Industrial nets are very often used in contexts where the safety of people and things is a fundamental aspect, which is why we have developed a range of machines to test the resistance, elongation and abrasion of nets, as well as abrasion and wear of tarpaulins. Portable and stationary tools suitable for every use to constantly monitor the wear of materials and always guarantee a very high safety standard.

Environmental Protection with tarpaulins and nets

Industrial nets are also widely used in the field of environmental protection. The use of waste and/or sewage recovery methods involving the use of nets, in the first case, and tarpaulins in the second, requires that the selected materials can be modular and easily assembled. In this case, our heavy duty zippers play an extremely important role in allowing the removal or replacement of tarpaulins and nets in a short time and at low cost.

A sewing machine for every type of application

The sewing machines for our industrial and aquaculture nets are designed to best meet the needs of each manufacturer taking into account the characteristics of each type of sewing in order to allow the highest possible production speed with the least possible work and the minimum possible margin of error.

A classic example of these special machines is our Belt no Arm, perfect for sewing large nets because it does not have an arm that could clutter during processing, a very unique machine of its kind.

But a very important aspect for us is the possible customization of each machine in order to perfectly meet the customer’s needs, whatever work he has to do on industrial nettings and tarpaulins.