Sports Netting

One of the main fields of application of nets made with our heavy-duty net sewing machines is certainly the world of sportgolf netsfootball netsvolleyball netsbasketball netsski netscricket nets, badminton nets, handball nets. Not to forget the nets used to protect athletes and spectators.

Make your sports nets safe and durable

In most cases, the nets are manufactured according to international standards and must have a high resistance to impact, but also to weather and UV rays, as well as, of course, better stability of the knots. The seams of the nets must also have these characteristics in order to always offer maximum safety and durability.

Our professional net sewing machines can join without any difficulty either nets to ropesnets to nets (either knotted or knotless), tarpaulins to nets, you just need to choose the model of sewing machine that better suits your needs, but if you have doubts contact us: consulting is our strong point!

A solution to easily remove and install your sports netting

To facilitate the installation or removal of sports nets we have also developed zippers for marine use, perfect for example to fix the tarpaulins covering soccer fields or swimming pools. With our UV and abrasion resistant zippers any net or tarpaulin can be installed, replaced or removed in a few minutes.

Heavy duty sewing machines for sports netting of all kinds

For these reasons, while choosing specific machines for sewing nets, ropes, zippers and tarpaulins, manufacturers of nets (net loft and net makers) should consider:

  • the quality of the materials used to manufacture each machine and its components subject to greater wear,
  • the precision and strength of each stitch.

In more than 40 years, we have gained a lot of experience in this field and we are able to provide the best net sewing machines as well as a whole range of tools that allow those who manage sports facilities to test at any time the resistance of the nets installed and to ensure the best tightness and strength.

Discover our products and choose the machine or the tool to test the nets or to repair them (net clipping machines) that better suits your needs.