Mila 200 Wet: the Abrasion machine for net resistance testing

Myla200 is a drum abrasion machine perfect for wet nets testing.
23 November 2022

One of the most common causes of loss of sea catch is the breakage of fishing or aquaculture nets. As a result, more and more net manufacturers want to know the abrasion resistance of their products.

A net abrasion testing machine is the best solution for testing net resistance and obtaining objective, realistic, and precise data about net abrasion resistance capacity.

Buraschi offers its Mila 200 Wet and let’s find out why.

Testing fishing net resistance with Mila 200 Wet

An abrasion machine engineered in collaboration with SINTEF (one of Europe’s largest independent research organisation), to conduct wet net testing, Mila 200 Wet can test durability and resistance to abrasion.

With no equal in the global market (built according to SINTEF’s specifications for the RobustNot project), this abrasion testing machine can test the mechanical resistance of nets: a characteristic that, in the long term, may affect net performance along with physical and chemical wear.

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How does Mila 200 Wet test net abrasion?

With this abrasion testing equipment, Buraschi has simulated conditions similar to those endured by nets in the marine environment (waves, floating structures, and all the other elements nets can rub against, such as rocks, seabeds, or any other objects which may be accidentally found in seawater).

Using Mila 200 Wet, manufacturers can test nets made of different materials and predict their resistance and durability based on available parameters, in the absence of official reference standards.

This abrasion machine is equipped with:

  • a display for showing the speed in meters per minute
  • a bi-directional rotating drum
  • A tank with a capacity of about 80 litres which guarantees the rotating drum is always underwater, thus ensuring constant abrasion on wet net
  • A four-digit counter to choose the duration of tests
  • And other features you can discover on our dedicated webpage.

A machine certified for testing fishing and aquaculture nets

Buraschi, in collaboration with SINTEF Norway, designed our Mila 200 Wet machine to be certified for testing fishing and aquaculture nets.

These abrasion tests consist in simulating the conditions to which nets are subjected in the sea.

The first abrasion testing equipment on the market, this machine meets basic testing requirements.

As part of the frame of the RobustNet project, Buraschi’s Mila 200 Wet was assessed in the Badinotti plants in Slovakia, where two types of material typically used in net manufacture were tested: a white net with mesh strength of 93 kilograms and a black net with mesh strength of 140 kilograms.

The project involved analysing:

  • machine performance
  • component wear and its distribution
  • the risk of water and equipment overheating
  • the speed of the rotating drum and the number of rotations
  • other important aspects.

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