Automatic rope cutting, measuring and marking machine

Rope measured, marked and cutted with the CM4 Buraschi machine.
29 February 2024

We are frequently asked about the performance of our CM4/B, a machine designed for marking and cutting ropes used in aquaculture, sports, safety and other industrial netting applications: how precise is it and can it really reduce labour costs?

Well, let us answer these questions not only with words, but also with numbers!

Keep reading to discover the advantages of this rope marking and cutting machine.

A valuable tool to increase your business efficiency

This machine can be used with ropes with diameters ranging from 8 to 40 mm, and with an integrated software programme you can record and store operations, repeating them when required with a simple touch.

This automatic rope cutting, marking and measuring machine, engineered for maximum performance, will reduce labour costs in your business.

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Speed and precision at your service

Our CM4/B allows for fast cutting, precise measuring and reduced working time. With this machine, you can measure, mark and cut ropes with guaranteed precision (1% accuracy).

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Guaranteed precision and speed with reduced production costs

We promised you numbers and here they are with an example.

We tested our marking machine on 18-mm twisted polystyrene rope and the results speak for themselves.

Here is what we achieved without the need for an operator during the work cycle: high performance in record time!

  • Measuring and cutting 20 metres of rope, marking each piece 6 times: 64 seconds.
  • Measuring and cutting 5 metres of rope, marking each piece 6 times: 29 seconds.
  • Measuring and cutting 30 metres of rope: 65 seconds.

And here is another example: we cut an entire 220-metre reel into 19 pieces of 10.8 metres and 4 pieces of 2.4 metres, marking each piece 5 times. All this in just 25 minutes, without operator intervention.

Our CM4/B rope marking, cutting and measuring machine is the perfect integration of careful market analysis, technology and innovation.

Trust us, choose BURASCHI Italia.

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