Baseball nets: here is what Buraschi Italia sewing machines can do

Buraschi Italia is specialized in net sewing machines for sport netting such as baseball.
15 November 2023

Today, we are talking about one of the most popular sports in the world, baseball, and this is because several customers have turned to us for this type of sports net.

Let’s see together what baseball nets are and how Buraschi Italia can supply those in the sector with the most suitable sewing machines for making sports and safety nets.

Backstop baseball nets

This type of sports net requires specific characteristics which depend on the size and configuration of the sports field where it is installed.

Sturdy and customised, these backstop baseball nets are made using polyester, a material which is resistant to wear and UV rays.

For the manufacturing of these nets, Buraschi offers two of our sewing machines, RP5 and RP7, which are designed for joining ropes and netting.

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Baseball nets for children and teen training

If you are wondering how important the quality and condition of these sports nets are, we assure you that they are essential and here is why.

Baseball nets and cages are used in schools, camps and facilities where children and teenagers train.

The L-shaped screens used for both adult and children’s championships also include protective nets which are specifically designed to prevent balls from hitting spectators and players.

Buraschi’s role in sewing baseball nets

As we mentioned above, two of our sewing machines are ideal in the manufacturing of sports nets.

The pneumatic RP5 BR is used for medium-large seams (it is suitable for sewing nets with ropes featuring diameters up to 20 millimetres). This solution is ideal for nets that have an intense daily workload. It is built with meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium quality materials. Our RP5 can easily sew a wide range of nets. Strong, versatile and intuitive, this sewing machine can process fishing, sports and safety nets with different types of ropes.

The pneumatic RP7 BR net sewing machine is the earlier version of our RP5. It is surprisingly fast with nets and ropes with thicknesses up to 25 millimetres in diameter. Precise and powerful, our RP7 BR can also work with nets made from synthetic fibers. Like the RP5 BR, this machine guarantees high performance with aquaculture, sports and safety nets.

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