Safety and climbing nets: we make fun safe!

Industrial machines for measuring. cutting and sewing security nets for adventure parks and gyms.
10 July 2023

Safety is a fundamental aspect in gyms and adventure parks. For safety products to comply with the relevant requirements and regulations, the sewing, cutting, measurement and maintenance of climbing and safety nets are important operations to be executed by competent professionals and high-quality equipment.

Climbing nets: safety net precision saves lives!

The mesh size of climbing nets, or sports nets in general, depends on the required extension, which varies by sport. For example, a net with a larger mesh size, without imperfections, facilitates the movement of the ball in sports such as soccer and lacrosse, while a dense mesh is perfect for protecting against accidental falls.

The precision of the rope length used in manufacturing nets is an aspect that might seem secondary; however, it is critical, especially with regard to safety, a concept we want to stress as it is essential for sports and anti-fall netting.

All you need to measure, mark and cut in a single machine!

To ensure the quality, resistance and durability of a product, our CM4/B measures, marks and cuts sports, safety and aquaculture ropes: it is fast, precise and can perform both straight and oblique cuts. For this reason, it has been chosen by many customers specialising in the manufacture of sports, safety and aquaculture netting, as well as by those who produce adventure park netting.

Thanks to its versatility, it can process ropes with diameters from 8 to 40 millimetres and it can repeat the same actions several times thanks to the innovative software that records and stores multiple operations.

Marking is also an important consideration for users: our CM4/B can colour the rope threads using a colour chosen by the client.

Furthermore, this machine allows for continuous operation, with 250-metre reels and longer ropes, without data loss or material waste.

It is ideal for producing ropes for anti-fall and sports nets, but also for use in aquaculture, another sector where precision makes a difference.

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