Construction safety netting: protection you can trust

Net clipping machine application: an example of what you can do.
13 December 2022

In this article, we would like to present our clipping machine, the safety net repair system we have designed and built in-house. Why?

There are multiple reasons, from quality to efficiency, but there is another very important aspect of our  A14 and A24/S machines: their FASET certification.

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Pneumatic clipping machines for safety net repair

Featuring a stainless-steel C-ring, the Buraschi clipping machine is a new economical and multipurpose net repair system, also suitable for protection netting.

Our A14 and A24/S repair machines are specifically used for joining meshes, welding two cable ends, assembling trammel nets, and other binding and welding operations.

A further important aspect is their usage environment: these machines can also repair nets used in underwater applications.

User-friendly, efficient, and practical, our clipping machines are highly sought after by safety net manufacturers, as well as net users. 

Why is FASET certification important?

Safety net manufacturers choose us for their pneumatic clipping machines because our A14 and A24/S models have obtained FASET certification, which attests that Buraschi machines and their stainless steel rings can be used to repair these types of nets.

Fall protection safety nets and construction safety nets, for example, are subject to specific regulations and must demonstrate that they can be used in certain environments and jobs.

Safety nets must have an identification label containing important information such as the trademark, the ID number, manufacturing data, periodic test data, and other details.

If these types of nets have been repaired using our A14 and A24/S machines, they are deemed to be compliant, since our safety net repair system is FASET-certified.

This also provides a guarantee for all safety net manufacturers and suppliers.

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