Discover the world of nets with Far Reti: a journey of innovation and tradition

FAR reti is a net manufacturers and a customer who chose our netting machinery.
21 June 2024

Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Far Reti, a loyal customer for many years, to delve into the net industry and its countless applications. Our phone conversation with the company was conducted by Antonello Stefini, Head of Technical Office and Certifications, and it revealed a deep passion for innovation and quality.

A story of excellence and collaboration

Antonello proudly shares with us:

“We have been producing various types of nets since 1940, and we are very proud of our thirty-year collaboration with Buraschi, our main supplier of sewing machines. The high-quality standard of the machines allows us to achieve excellent results and satisfy our customers by offering a well-finished product with attention to detail. The excellent service provided by Buraschi ensures that we are always assisted in case of maintenance.”

Customization: our competitive edge

Speaking of strengths compared to competitors, Antonello emphasizes:

“Our strength is undoubtedly customization. We are very competitive in terms of shapes, colors, prints, sizes, and more. The ability to tailor our products to the specific needs of our customers sets us apart in the market.”

Industry challenges

Regarding the challenges faced to ensure certified and excellent products, Antonello shares:

“The biggest challenges are definitely related to finding qualified personnel. It has always been a weak point for us. During the Covid period, although work only slowed down slightly, the biggest difficulty was obtaining materials, which had increased prices.”

Future of the Industry

Looking ahead, Antonello reflects on future challenges:

“The constant increase in orders brings the concern of handling such numbers, always linked to the direct workforce on the machines. Therefore, I reconfirm that personnel issues will be one of the main challenges.”

A growing global Market

With a presence in Italy and over 40 foreign countries, Antonello notes:

“There has definitely been an increase post-pandemic, with substantial recovery after the standstill periods, mainly in Europe.”

Growing countries

In terms of demand for safety nets, Antonello observes:

“France comes first, followed by Germany and finally Austria.”

Choosing Buraschi Machines

Finally, speaking about the choice of Buraschi machines, Antonello explains:

“Since I’ve been working in the company, I’ve only seen Buraschi machines. They are machines of the highest excellence, reliability over time, and the staff is always available for additional requests. If I’m satisfied with excellent machines, I don’t even think about comparing them with other suppliers. Trust is fundamental.

Thanks to Antonello for this enlightening interview that allowed us to learn more about the world of nets and the importance of reliable and quality collaborations.