DRYER MC50: effective drying of aquaculture nets

Results of a net dryed with Buraschi Italia Dryer MC50.
06 October 2022

Choosing the best net drying system is important to maintain the resistance and durability of the antifouling treatment.

Any marine farm or service station should be equipped with one machine like this to maintain cage nets at a professional level saving precious energy.

This is why at Buraschi Italia we also design and manufacture net drying machines which not only preserve the basic efficiency features of nets, but also respect the environment. In particular, today we would like to talk about our DRYER MC50, featuring a new drying technique (which does not rely on fossil fuels such as diesel and gas). DRYER MC50 also guarantees high energy-savings: the drying temperature (approx. 25°) allows for exceptional adhesion of the antifouling treatment to the net.

Besides having zero impact with no CO2 emissions, our DRYER MC50 completes the process quickly (fewer hours required for a given net volume) and is definitely much more cost-effective than traditional fossil fuel drying systems (through improved drying system efficiency).

Why is drying the most effective method for the antifouling treatment of aquaculture nets?

Because it ensures the antifouling treatment is perfectly absorbed by nets, which is essential for extending the life of the nets without reducing protection and helps to avoid dispersion of pollutants into the environment.

Buraschi DRYER MC50: the new net drying machine

With our DRYER MC50, to be installed in suitably insulated and isolated environments, wet nets can be dried in a short time with limited energy consumption.

This net drying machine is based on an innovative operating system: it uses a particular heat recovery process which optimizes its performance and makes the dried net look new again, without any signs of curling or wear.

Our DRYER MC50 is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient drying machine, which controls temperature and humidity at all drying levels while requiring minimum maintenance.

Would you like to see how Buraschi DRYER MC50 works? Watch this video! 

Why is thorough net drying important?

In cage fish farming, whether at sea or in the ocean, nets must be adequately washed, disinfected, and treated to safeguard both the health of fish and the natural environment they are farmed in.

Cleaning the nets is therefore essential to remove encrustation, and potential bacteria that may be harmful to fish populations.

Cleaning cycles may vary according to the net application, the type of farm and fishing, the farm latitude, and the frequency of use in sea or ocean (usually very high). These factors confirm how important the drying process is to maintain the optimal condition and performance of nets.

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