Buraschi, a company with a commitment to environmental sustainability

Buraschi Italia and it's sustainability actions.
27 September 2022

Today, our lives and the health of our planet depend to a large extent on climate change, which, in turn, is influenced by our behaviour. This is why for many years our company has chosen to focus on environmental protection through actions aimed at environmental sustainability, such as making eco-friendly choices, using resource-conscious products, and greener packaging solutions.

Our attention to the choice of raw materials, production quality, resource- conservation, and waste reduction contribute to safeguarding our planet and building hope for a better future.

Here we explain Buraschi Italia’s vision of environmental sustainability, attention to and protection of the environment.

Our materials are eco-friendly

Our sewing machines are made using resistant materials with parts susceptible to stress and wear manufactured using CNC- machines.

Producing them from a single block, without the need for welding, eliminates or minimises the presence of weak points, thereby ensuring components are more durable than similar products in the market. 

Would you like to learn more about the production of our components and their resistance? Click here!

Even green packaging can make a difference!

That’s right: even though using sustainable materials for eco-friendly packaging solutions may seem like a small gesture, in reality it is one of the most important actions we can take in protecting the environment from waste pollution.

At Buraschi Italia, we have decided to replace traditional packaging, mainly made of plastic materials, with recyclable and recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, and wood.

We also apply sustainable practices in our daily business life: the consumables used in our offices are recyclable and we have implemented differentiated waste collection for some time.

Even small gestures make a difference to the environment! 

Environmental sustainability is a key part of our project planning

At Buraschi we ensure no detail is overlooked, starting from machine design. This is why our sewing machines for aquaculture, industrial, sports, and safety nets can guarantee environmental protection: our manufacturing processes ensure nets are not damaged and ropes are not frayed during sewing.

Why is this important? Besides making nets and ropes stronger, it also prevents environmental pollution: unfrayed nets and ropes have a longer useful life and pollute less, dispersing negligible quantities of microplastics into seas and oceans for aquaculture nets and onto rock and land for safety and sports nets.

Another sustainable characteristic of our sewing machines is their long life, with fewer interventions, spare parts, and replacements required. 

The sustainable energy of our Drying Machine

Drying nets is a task that requires consistent and expensive energy consumption. If performed using traditional burners, the need for diesel/gas (fossil fuels) is very high and fossil fuel combustion is known to emit a lot of carbon dioxide, contributing to well-known issues of global warming and climate change.

Our Drying Machine has been developed and certified by Carboneutral ( as the most efficient, as it only consumes clean energy and is aligned with the incentives offered by states for a transition towards less polluting technologies.

Follow us: we will discuss our Buraschi Drying Machine in our next blog article! 

Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes even further: we are developing a project for a photovoltaic plant which will allow us to replace traditional energy with renewable energy sources. Stay tuned to our future blogs for updates!

If you choose Buraschi, you can rest assured you are helping the environment!

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