Field tarp for a perfect rain protection: Buraschi zip fasteners offer guarantee results

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22 April 2022

Versatile, ideal for use in water and on land, resistant, and durable: Buraschi zip fasteners are suitable even in situations that seem impossible. We’ll give you an example…

In search of a quick solution to cover a soccer field: a modulable field tarp

Rain often makes an appearance in Helsinki. It was important to keep the field of the Olympic stadium dry as rain would have damaged fundamental characteristics of the field, which facilitate the optimal performance of athletes, and even compromised its playability.

Stadium management requested a field cover, ideally a tarp coverthat could be easily removed a few minutes before the start of the match. This field cover measures over 105×65 meters, which corresponds to a surface area of more than 7,000 square meters.

Buraschi zip fasteners can make the difference!

High potential industrial zippers, Buraschi zips are used in a wide range of sectors from aquaculture to industrial applications, from fishing to sports, and for fixed and removable tarpaulins. In addition, they are also highly resistant to water, chemical, and environmental agents.

All easily replaceable, the yellow teeth are made of heavy-duty plastic with high mechanical and impact resistance, while the black teeth are designed to be long-lasting even with exposure to UV rays.

The high-quality tarp also helps to make these zippers strong and durable even in adverse weather and environmental conditions.

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A Buraschi zip fastener for every tarp cover

Our zip fasteners can also be customised as seen with soccer field cover in Helsinki, where we supplied zippers with lengths over 65 meters: this customisation allowed us to section the tarp cover into several stripes and deliver a perfect solution with limited costs and low staff input.

Our zippers are even manufactured with lengths and teeth of different sizes according to customer requirements. They are also available with or without a net to allow fixing to any type of tarpaulin or net.

Quality, sturdiness, strength: these are the characteristics of an outstanding zipper that must fasten field tarps and other covers.

For a solution you can rely on, trust Buraschi!

“The cover has helped a lot to keep the pitch dry and at playable condition.
One more time great thanks to you and Mario and all of your company for a great service with this project !!!”

Antti Vihavainen – Oy Polarhall Scandinavia Ab