Increasing net production with the right heavy-duty sewing machine

How could you increase your net productivity? RP7 industrial sewing machine hab been designed for this goal.
05 August 2022

Is it possible to produce more fish, safety, and industrial netting? It is with the use of high-quality and durable heavy-duty sewing machines.

This is a question asked by many manufacturers of sports, fish, and other netting because increased production impacts many aspects of business activities: in particular when talking about commercial production, efficiency and effectiveness are paramount. This is exactly what we at Buraschi have in mind when we design and build our heavy-duty sewing machines, and our customers’ satisfaction is our reward.

Let’s discover more about our products and, in particular, our pneumatic RP7 BR sewing machine.

Our high-performance sewing machine

The pneumatic RP7 BR sewing machine is used in fish, safety, sports, and industrial netting and has been designed for processing thicker ropes.

Top of the range among our sewing machines, RP7 BR is fast and well suited for nets with medium-high seams, up to 25 mm in diameter, with or without knots.

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A new sewing experience

Our pneumatic RP7 BR is built with high-quality raw materials, and designed to achieve maximum power, precision, and speed for handling ropes and threads of any material, and for multiple sectors, such as fishing, safety and sports. It is also equipped with a standard special steel needle which does not damage the net fibres, a pneumatic presser foot for constant pressure, and a sturdy and compact electronic EFKA motor with a built-in control device and many other important elements that make it unique.

Customer satisfaction

We recently received a positive review from a customer who bought one of our heavy-duty sewing machines: the machine not only facilitated an increase in their fish netting production, but also reduced wasteenhanced productiondecreased labour time and consequently increased profits.

Other net manufacturers have also praised the quality of our industrial sewing machines: we receive positive feedback on the versatility and reliability of the product, qualities which result from the extreme wear resistance of the CNC-extruded componentsPrecision and speed are other characteristics that distinguish Buraschi heavy-duty sewing machines and have been part of the quality standards adopted by our company for over 40 years.

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