The components of a Buraschi industrial sewing machine: our attention to detail

Detail of a CNC parts of a Buraschi Italia industrial machines.
27 July 2022

High quality levels and attention to detail are priorities for Buraschi: the proof can be seen in our range of industrial sewing machines for nets and tarps where each high-quality component is designed to last.

The precision, speed, and reliability of Buraschi heavy-duty sewing machines speak for themselves: this is confirmed by our customers who have relied on us over the years to supply machines and spare parts which are long-lasting and therefore need to be replaced less often than other brands.

But why are the components of Buraschi’s industrial sewing machines more resistant than others?

First and foremost, because these essential parts are CNC-extruded and not welded together. But that is not all.

Let’s find out more.

cnc process for spare parts buraschiitalia
Buraschi Italia cnc manufacutring routing for spare parts production

The components of our industrial sewing machines

The key components of our professional sewing machines are made from machining from a drawn bar, a technique which does not affect the strength of the structure and maintains the robustness and efficiency of the pieces over a long period.

Burasch’s heat treatment focuses on a specific target area, making the component more resistant to wear.

The different processing techniques are chosen according to the functionality of each piece.

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Optimal price-quality ratio

Purchasing a heavy-duty sewing machine is an investment, the product must therefore be long-lasting, resistant to wear, and functional, so as to reduce the need to buy spare parts or new sewing machines.

Not to mention sustainability. When machines are long-lasting, this reduces the use of materials required for production and generates less waste: a tangible benefit for the environment.

We also pay attention to the details

We supply innovative solutions because at Buraschi we’ve always made sure our customers have all they need to optimize work and obtain precision and speed from a professional sewing machine whose tiniest details are made with maximum care.

We design and build not only the machines but also their spare parts, guaranteeing our customers availability of parts, prompt supplies and deliveries as well as immediate servicing by our specialized technicians.

Having worked in this sector for many years, we are good at what we do: this is why you should trust us.

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