Buraschi marine fasteners and important projects for marine protection

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07 April 2024

We also feel like participants in missions undertaken to safeguard the marine environment because The Ocean Cleanup and EPA have chosen our heavy-duty zippers in some of their projects.

Let us tell you more.

With The Ocean Cleanup for cleaner seas

To protect our oceans, this famous non-profit organisation has chosen our marine fasteners in its projects aimed at collecting plastic and other waste which is accumulating in marine and river environments.

These waste materials represent a real threat to aquatic life: The Ocean Cleanup organisation has also decided to exploit engineering and technology to develop solutions for removing these objects and pollutants from the water.

Imagine a very large net, a kind of floating bag, designed to capture and funnel plastic towards a collection point. This is the project implemented by The Ocean Cleanup organisation using our marine fasteners which, sewn onto the nets, help ensure the success of the project.

The marine environment presents challenging conditions such as salinity, adverse weather, and rough waters. This is why every element of the structures designed for plastic collection must be resistant.

Our heavy-duty zippers have demonstrated their reliability even for this application, confirming their versatility.

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Why choose our marine zippers?

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We can summarise the reasons with three concepts: versatility, quality, resistance. In fact, these zippers

  • can join multiple nets, for example to increase load capacity,
  • guarantee optimal performance even in adverse climate and weather conditions,
  • are easy to open, close, and inspect.
  • have teeth that guarantee significant mechanical and UV resistance.

Partnering with EPA against water pollution

There are number of other projects relating to environmental sustainability which we are involved in, and which have become part of the history of our company.

By way of example the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) selected our marine fasteners for some of its containment solutions in emergency situations such as oil spills, or pollution from muddy waters.

Our marine zippers were the ideal choice to handle the extreme conditions of the deep-sea because they are resistant to rough water and other critical factors relating to the environment and the substances they come into contact with.

With their quality and resistance, our marine zippers have been an integral part of an important commitment to the protection of the marine environment, and we are proud to have contributed to this type of initiative with our products.

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