Measuring ropes for fish cages: a quality guarantee

Detail of the Buraschi Italia CM4/B marking area.
05 May 2022

Accurate measurement, marking and cutting of ropes, for aquaculture cages are important for creating strong floating fish cages that can withstand water stress. At Buraschi, we can guarantee this service thanks to dedicated measuring and testing machines. Let’s explore this topic together.

How do we ensure the specific properties of the rope for fish cages are met?

Specially designed machines can measure, mark, and cut ropes for both fresh and salt water fish cages.  

Buraschi’s CM4 rope marker provides precision data seamlessly and is a fundamental tool for obtaining ropes which ensure optimal performance across a range of characteristics.

The CM4 machine can measure, mark and hot cut ropes (with diameters from 8 mm up to 40 mm) with straight and oblique cuts.

  • Single-tone colour marking takes place at personalized distances according to customer requirements.
  • The cutting angle can be adjusted using a special device.

This machine also features an innovative software program which records and stores a wide range of executions that can be repeated automatically as many times as needed.

What advantages does CM4 offer for aquaculture cages manufacturing?

  • Cuts are performed precisely and quickly: fault prevention leads to a reduction in working time.
  • The machine, which is equipped with wheels, can be moved easily.
  • No interruptions occur during reel changes (the machine works with 250 m reels).
  • Once started, the machine does not require an operator and an acoustic signal indicates the end of the programme.

Why is it important for ropes to have the right properties?

Thousands of meters of rope are required in the production of aquaculture cages, arranged vertically and horizontally to form the structure.

For sturdy and durable aquaculture cages, which ensure consistently high-performance results, ropes must be of premium quality and perfectly adapted to their function.

Aquaculture cage ropes must:

  • be very strong
  • be UV-resistant
  • Withstand wear due to a range of causes such as water salinity, waves, and currents
  • be designed to prevent deformation
  • be durable.

Measuring, marking, and cutting ropes for fish cages.

Measuring, marking and cutting ropes requires maximum precision both for standard and custom applications and regardless of the type of material or mesh.


For correct functioning, floating fish cages must be straight, robust, and above all must not feature stress points which could compromise net resistance.

Highly rated by our customers, Buraschi CM4 guarantees maximum marking and cutting precision: through a single measuring system, you can obtain rope bunches with uniform sizes.

For your aquaculture cages, rope control is fundamental!

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