Twine winding on Norwegian fishing net needles: from tradition to innovation

Close up a the Buraschi Norwegian needle winding machine.
20 June 2022

Traditionally, fishermen have hand-wound Norwegian needles to make and repair fishing nets. This process has become synonymous with precisionaccuracy and profound dedication. At Buraschi, we have added speed through the development of a new machine, dedicated to the rapid winding of various twines on traditional Norwegian net needles.

The use of Norwegian net needles

Norwegian net needles come from a long tradition of craftsmanship. Essential tools for making and repairing fishing nets and sports nets, Norwegian needles come in different measurements depending on the varying twine and mesh size of the nets they are used for. This wide range of needles facilitates more flexible work regardless of operator or net type.

The new way of winding Norwegian net needles

Our NF-10 winding machine has been designed for use with Norwegian needles in the creation of nets of any dimension and for twines of any size and variety: twisted, braided, single or double. Our significant experience ensures reliability, and enhanced speed increases productivity: this machine is automatic and easy to program in all its configurations. Improved efficiency ensures perfect Norwegian net needle winding, simplifying the production and repair of nets used in aquaculture and sports.

Watch this video to see our NF-10 in action!

Why are Norwegian net needles so useful?

Making or mending fishing and sports nets is not just work: it’s an art form. It requires experience and manual skill, but also the right tools: Norwegian net needles are essential because their precise structure allows them to pass through the holes and make the knots which form the mesh of the net.

Speed and precision: why you should chose Buraschi’s NF-10 winding machine

Fishing nets often break causing delays or downtime due to the time required for repair work. Our winding machine guarantees reduced downtime, allowing fishermen to resume work promptly.

Thanks to the technical skills we have acquired at Buraschi over the years, we continuously work to provide innovative solutions to simplify operations and ensure excellent results.

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