Sewing and repairing agriculture netting: here’s to long lasting protection!

At Buraschi Italia we developed a solution for repairing agriculture netting for cost and time saving.
19 June 2023

Agriculture netting is the most effective and environmentally friendly method for protecting fields and crops from insects or damage caused by adverse weather conditions such as hail.

In fact, these nets limit or prevent crop losses and significantly reduce damage. At the same time, they facilitate organic farming through reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides.

At Buraschi Italia, we not only develop sewing machine solutions for agriculture netting, but also for safety, aquaculture and industrial netting plus we ensure that the nets maintain their shape over time.

Why install/repair agriculture netting?

In natural environments we know that various factors contribute to preventing crop growth: this is why nets are used in the construction of greenhouses and in the protection of cultivated land.

Experience has confirmed that the use of these nets in agricultural applications leads to a significant return on investment because crop yields are higher and the optimal ripening of most fruits and vegetables is guaranteed.

Damage from hail and other natural factors: the importance of nets

Hail is one of the most dangerous climatic events for agriculture (unfortunately, every year we witness the destruction of entire crops due to hail): farmers can prevent this damage with anti-hail nets which require ongoing monitoring.

Choosing Buraschi sewing machines is a guarantee!

Our 450A pneumatic machine is suitable for making agricultural netting and is designed to produce lightweight, medium and thick mesh nets as well as single-thread nets, such as anti-hail, protection, and shading nets, among others.

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