Ski safety netting: quality that ensures safety

Ski netting has to be checked regularly and repaired if needed: with Buraschi Italia Dyna400 it's easy and quick.
08 March 2023

Alpine ski safety nets

At Buraschi Italy, we have years of experience in the production of machines for the edging of safety nets, with and without rope edging, but also machines for testing net abrasion and resistance and undertaking repairs according to specific standards.

Let’s take a look at the details together.

What does testing safety netting for alpine skiing mean?

Buraschi’s DYNA 400 DP dynamometer is used to test ski safety nets to detect:

  • Loss of resistance,
  • Mesh elongation
  • Residual resistance of a used net prior to installation on ski slopes
  • The conditions and mechanical strength of netting following certain events.

Which machine can test safety netting for alpine skiing?

For this purpose, we have designed and built two machines: DYNA 600 and DYNA 400 DP. These two dynamometers, produced exclusively in Italy using high-quality materials, distinguish us in the global market as a point of reference for the production of industrial sewing machines for multi-purpose nets.

Portable, compact and lightweight, the DYNA 400 DP is the perfect instrument even for the testing of ski area safety netting.

The DYNA 600 DP, which is suitable for the entire net range, generates a comprehensive data report relating to net mesh resistance (in kilograms/newton) and elongation, allowing objective data to be tracked and stored.

We remind you that safety nets for alpine skiing are also exposed to high-intensity weather conditions: hence the requirement for accurate controls.

Our dynamometers test nets and collect precise data such as

  • the resistance in kilograms/newton of the net mesh
  • net elongation in millimetres
  • the percentage of elongation on the original net dimensions.

A14 and A24/S: our FASET-certified pneumatic clipping machines

To repair safety nets such as those installed in ski facilities, it is necessary to use a tool with proven and certified performance such as our A14 – A24/S pneumatic clipping machines which perfectly substitute manual repairs.

Conveniently transported thanks to their compact size and ABS case, they have a truly competitive price and avoid lengthy and costly interventions.

Our clipping machines are available in 2 models depending on the type of net to be repaired. They are also equipped with the suitable C-rings.

For the safety of your nets, rely on the experience of Buraschi Italia.

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