Buraschi special needles: sew nets without fraying them!

Detail of the special needle used on Buraschi Italia net sewing machines model RP7BR.
02 May 2022

Nets and ropes used for lifting and transporting loads, securing and preventing heavy materials from falling, and for a range of other applications are certified high-quality products which comply with all relevant regulations. Essential tools in many sectors, especially in the industrial sector, these nets and ropes must also be sewn to perfection: let’s find out why.

Frayed nets and ropes: a sewing problem

A net or rope that frays during sewing, whether destined for use in water or on land, can cause serious damage to the material being transported or lifted, compromise load security, and increase the risks of accidents due to inadequate safety.

The importance of sewing without fraying

Products with faulty seams and frayed nets and ropes are more exposed to wear, less resistant and ultimately less safe.

Think about the safety nets for scaffolding used in construction to prevent the fall of people and objects, or nets designed to lift and transport loads by air or road. The same also applies to nets used for helipad platforms, aviaries, aquaculture, boats, and many other applications in addition to the range of industrial netting. These nets and ropes must rely on heavy-duty sewing machines and needles, which can ensure excellent results.

Why are perfect seams essential?

Faultless sewing work undertaken by professionals can increase the quality, safety, strength, and durability of the product.

Another important aspect to be considered is the protection of the environment, as perfect seams prevent the dispersion of microplastics.

different nets types sewn with buraschi heavy duty sewing machines

Buraschi’s solution for sewing without fraying

Buraschi designs and produces RP7 BR PNEUMATIC sewing machines equipped with special needles that achieve maximum performance without damaging, cutting, or fraying nets during the sewing phase. These precise, powerful, and fast needles guarantee our customers nets and ropes which retain their strength and mechanical characteristics over time.

Moreover, the RP7 BR PNEUMATIC needles can handle any material, from simple threads to synthetic fibres, and are adapted to knotted and knotless nets, as well various rope types.

Enhance the quality of your nets and ropes: sew them with our RP7 BR PNEUMATIC special needles to guarantee optimal results!

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