Strong and versatile zippers for marine use

Buraschi Italia produces heavy duty zippers for marine use, but they're ideal also for sport netting.
25 May 2023

At Buraschi, we produce zippers for marine use certified through laboratory tests and supplied with the relevant documentation attesting their characteristics.

These zippers can withstand even the most extreme deep-sea conditions and are requested primarily, but not exclusively, in the aquaculture and fishing sectors. Let’s discover together the applications of these marine zippers and how they are made.

Heavy-duty marine zippers: why and in what applications do they perform so well?

These heavy-duty zippers are also the best solution for joining multiple nets, tarpaulins and nets or multiple tarpaulins for marine use, with the aim of expanding their reach, while guaranteeing sector-management. This design of zipper fastener is also ideal for fish vaccination tanks and large cages which require simple maintenance. Water leak is minimal while its application ensures optimal usage. In the latter case, the marine zipper is easy to open and replace without compromising the seal or other characteristics of the tank.

Can marine zippers also be used out of the water?

Certainly! In fact, they are requested:

  • in sports facilities to protect large surfaces such as fields and pools,
  • in ports for cargo nets,
  • in agriculture to cover cropland, 
  • for use in gazebos, tensile structures, canopies, and similar coverings,
  • and in other sectors where safety nets are required.

The wide application of these zippers is also due to their polyester, dyneema or PVC-coated fabric: materials which allow H/F welding, heat-sealing or knotless bonded mesh.

These zippers can even withstand salt water conditions

Salt in the sea or ocean, as well as other extreme conditions, do not compromise the integrity and physical and chemical properties of these heavy-duty zippers.

One of the elements which guarantee the salt water and UV ray resistance of these zippers is the acetal resin (POM), whose many advantages include self-lubrication and very low hygroscopicity.

Zipper teeth are also important

Buraschi’s zippers have teeth which are easily replaceable, yellow and overmoulded in low-viscosity POM AMCEL KP20, to guarantee high mechanical impact and UV ray resistance.

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