Buraschi: sustainable manufacturing of industrial sewing machines

Buraschi Italia photovoltaic plant on the roof of the industrial site.
05 June 2023

As a company specialising in the design and manufacture of net sewing machines and industrial machines for net loft and net makers, Buraschi Italia has decided to invest in one of the most efficient sustainable energy production systems: photovoltaics. In this article, we would like to share with you how we contribute to safeguarding the future of the planet.

A photovoltaic system for sustainable production

Photovoltaics is certainly one of the most environmentally friendly methods of energy production due to its low noise impact, inexhaustibility, durability and minimal invasiveness. This is why, when we learned about a European initiative to incentivise the installation of industrial photovoltaic systems, we decided it was the right time to take a step in a direction we had been considering for some time.

After making this decision, we decided to install 96 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of one of our buildings dedicated to the production of sewing machines for fishing, sports and industrial nets.

The system was built in a couple of weeks, and it has created significant advantages, principally for the environment, but also for production sustainability and business costs.

In addition to reduced energy costs, the energy produced by photovoltaics allows us to:

  • reduce fossil fuel consumption,
  • reduce pollutants released into the atmosphere.

Which technology did we choose to produce our industrial machines?

Every photovoltaic system has 2 primary components which directly impact efficiency: photovoltaic modules and inverters.

The modules we have installed are JA SOLAR, with each unit providing 410 Watts. We chose them for their many features, including the half-cell module configuration which, among many advantages, guarantees greater power output, excellent performance, reduced shading effect and a lower risk of hotspots (a degenerative phenomenon which reduces the efficiency of some photovoltaic modules).

For the inverters (elements which convert direct current into usable alternating current), we have installed two ZCS AZZURRO INVERTERS.

Solar panels: energy in numbers

In addition to their environmental advantages, the photovoltaic panels that we have installed provide our business:

  • 40 kW of energy per day,
  • an estimated annual production of about 53,000 kW,
  • a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of about 42,000 kg a year.

A forward-looking choice for everyone’s future

Solar energy, the most powerful energy source we have freely available, is renewable and clean: it was a natural choice for us and for us and an investment that will not only lead to reduced energy bills, allowing us to operate without increasing our annual costs, but also represents a small but significant contribution to safeguarding a planet in need.

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