Tensile strength tests of nets: which tools to use?

Tensile strenght test with Buraschi Italia Dyna 400 testing tool for mashes.
05 May 2022

Tensile strength testing of netting used in aquaculture or in safety applications is crucial to avoid harvest losses, environmental risks, and damage to people and property.

If carried out with appropriate equipment, testing can reveal the current degree of wear of netting, as well as prevent breakage.

Buraschi can offer tools specially designed and built for performing tests on nets in operation, therefore in the environment where they are used, including water.

Why is net tensile testing fundamental in aquaculture?

Let’s consider fish netting and fish cages: wear, fraying, and breakage are common issues in the aquaculture sector and can result in problems such as harvest loss and environmental pollution, with consequent damage to sea life.

The solution is frequent and precise testing of the mechanical properties of nets to determine to what extent they can withstand adverse weather conditions.

Test standard ISO 1806 “Fishing nets – determination of mesh breaking load of netting” provides a recognised method for the industry to comply with, and requires the use of tools specifically designed for net tensile strength testing.

Safety netting: a tensile strength test can save lives

Significant emphasis must also be given to the testing of safety netting (such as scaffolding netting), used to protect people and objects. Tensile strength tests, which must be carried out periodically, assess the condition and reliability of nets to prevent damage and injuries.

Solutions for performing tensile strength tests on nets

At Buraschi, we have designed a range of tools to be used in tensile strength tests, which can provide data on the condition of the meshes of the nets being tested

  • DYNA 300 DP is a portable, professional and user-friendly tester tool suitable for conducting tensile strength tests on dry or wet nets, used in aquaculture.
  • DYNA 400 DP is a light and compact portable dynamometer specifically designed for checking the resistance and elongation of large meshes.
  • DYNA 600 DP is a professional digital dynamometer with adjustable elongation speed, designed for testing the tensile strength of nets up to 600 kg and which also allows the printing of data in the form of a certificate for compliance with ISO 1806 – DIN 53 844 s
  • Finally, MILA 200 WET is specifically used for conducting abrasion tests which assess the abrasion resistance and strength of dry and wet nets.

Depending on the operator’s requirements, testing can be performed on submerged nets, thereby simulating marine conditions, or on dry nets.

Net tensile strength tests are fundamental. For suitable and reliable tools, trust professionals: contact us!