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“We at Cakir Fishing have been a leading supplier of fishing and aquaculture equipments. To rapidly respond to a growing demand, we opened our net cage sewing, repair and maintenance facilities in 2002. This is when we started using Buraschi sewing machines. Initially we bought two machines. This year we bought the third machine and all three are now working efficiently and we are sewing net cages to major companies in the aquaculture sector in Turkey. These machines can work heavy duty without causing any major interruption. The spare parts can be very expensive for us but luckily the parts do not need to be replaced frequently! Whenever we need parts and urgent maintenance, Buraschi is always very supportive”.

Mr. Huseyin Cakir
General Manager

“In order to better respond to changing and developing costumer demands, we have opened our Net Cage Sewing, Repair, and Maintenance Factory together with our branch office on the Milas-Bodrum highway in 2002. With modern Buraschi brand sewing machines, we manufacture all kinds of net cages and handle repair and maintenance processes with the utmost care and with the guarantee of on-time delivery”.

Dörttepe Mahallesi,
Dörttepe Mücavir Sok.
Phone : +90 252 527 21 96 / 97 / 98
Fax : +90 252 527 22 11