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In March of 2014, our business found that we had need of an extremely heavy-duty overlocking machine. We had been researching this eventuality for some time on the internet. Frankly, everything looks good on the internet. So, we decided to contact a number of companies similar to ours and ask them for their recommendation. Time after time, we kept getting the same answer, “Get a Buraschi”. We contacted the dealer for North America, Ontario Sewing. We discussed at length what our needs were and how we planned on using a new machine. We eventually decided upon a RP5 BR Pneumatic machine. Our needs were conveyed to the factory in Italy and a machine was made for us. Within two weeks from the time we placed the order, it was on its way. Once we received the machine, we had a technician from Ontario Sewing set it up according to our needs. The tech spent the entire day with our sewing staff, instructing them in the safe and proper use of the machine. After a week of using the machine to make various products, we wondered how we had managed so long without having a Buraschi. We were discovering possibilities for it that we had never imagined before. One possibility was using it on extremely fine and delicate netting. The machine had come with a blunt needle that was perfect for heavy-duty applications, but the needle was too large and blunt to pierce the fine mesh netting. We contacted Buraschi Italia, and they sent us some shaper needles. It helped but still didn’t solve the problem. Buraschi then sent us some sharp needles that were much finer and able to pierce the netting, providing us with a solution and potential to expand our product line. I tell this story to provide an example of the extraordinary service Buraschi and their North American distributor provided. When some potential customers look at the price of one of these machines, they may question their need for such an investment. Let me say unequivocally that we couldn’t be more pleased with not only the product, but the training and service we have received after the sale.

Mr. Mark H. Berns
Vice President – H. Christiansen Co.

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