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“Why Hvalpsund Net has chosen Buraschi as their primary supplier of zippers for net cages. Hvalpsund Net a/s has chosen Buraschi as their main and primary supplier of zipper for net cages to their worldwide market because the flexibility and durability of the product accommodate within our system of net cages. When producing net cages there are so many things to be considered about net quality, size etc. because the cages must be adapted to each part of the world. But due to the fact that we have chosen Buraschi as supplier of zippers its not necessary to worry about which type to chose because one products fits to all the products produced in our work shop”.

Jorgen Knudsen
Purchasing Manager

Hvalpsund Net
Havnepladsen 16
DK-9640 Farsø
Phone: +45 98 63 81 88

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