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We have had several small overlock machines in daily production for over ten years. We recently added two H450 three thread overlock machines from Buraschi.

The H450’s have some immediately apparent improvements over our other machines. The tables are very solid, industrial wheeled units making machine relocation on the factory floor a breeze. The H450’s use the onboard compressor to raise both the top wheel of the puller and the presser foot, an improvement over the traditional spring assisted design incorporated into our other machines. The material capacity that we can sew is improved. The throughput speed is easily adjustable. As an operator gets used to the machine, they can increase the speed the machine sews at without changing the stitch length. These machines are proving to be very reliable and our operators love the quickness and quietness of sewing on the H450.

Mr. Joe Suroviak
Equipment and Facilities Coordinator
InCord – Colchester, CT USA

Colchester, Connecticut – right off Route 2.
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