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We purchased our first Buraschi Net Sewing Machine in 2009, an RP5. This large overlock sewing machine was our fifth machine of the large overlock genre; our first four were from two different brands of industrial sewing machines. We had grown accustomed to the strengths and weaknesses of our first machines from other internationally known brands, the Buraschi unit came to us with all of the strengths of the other brands, but none of the weaknesses. Buraschi Italia has improved the quality of stitch, increased the speed of material throughput and drastically reduced machine down time. Our fleet of RP5’s has grown to include 4 and we have mothballed our other large overlocks because they just cannot compete with the RP5’s. In fact, each successive RP5 that we have purchased in the last five years has arrived with further improvements based on user feedback. Buraschi Italia, with each machine purchase, sends a factory technician who is intimately familiar with every aspect of these custom, handmade machines. Thus, the crated machine that arrives on your loading dock is carefully inspected, final assembly completed and sewn off at your facility by one of the people that built the machine, not a third party vendor.

Mr. Joe Suroviak
Equipment and Facilities Coordinator
InCord – Colchester, CT USA

Colchester, Connecticut – right off Route 2.
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