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POLDAN NET Sp. z o.o. is the biggest producer of net cages in Poland. The products of company are delivered worldwide e.g. Scandinavia, South Europe, Australia, South America, Africa etc. The offered products are met with the highest demands of customers. The most important for company is fulfilled quality requirements of net cage users. High quality of doing goods is achieved by skilled employees’ hard work and thanks using of professional equipment provide by BURASCHI ITALIA SRL. The BURASCHI NET SEWING MACHINE are characterized high level of finishing and long life cycle. Spare parts are available easily what helps to maintain equipment with uninterrupted using. POLDAN NET Sp. z o.o. uses different kind of sewing machines for different purpose. The jointing of the nets is realized mainly on sewing machines series H400 PNEUMATIC and H450 PNEUMATIC. The mounting of ropes to net cages is made on machines series RP5BR PNEUMATIC and RP7BR PNEUMATIC & FEEDER UMT03-RP7. Satisfaction of customers are on for the most valuable for POLDAN NET Sp. z o.o.. BURASCHI knows it and do the best job to be a part of high quality of our products.

Mr. Piotr Szulc
Kierownik Produkcji / Production Supervisor
Poldan Net sp. Z oo

Poldan Net sp. Z oo
76-200 Słupsk,
ul. Braci Staniuków 40
Phone: +48 59 8146585
Mobile: +48 602 331 886