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Our company RETI BREMBO S.R.L. based in Bergamo is specialized in the production, sale, and rental of anti-fall safety nets since 2011 and has been collaborating for about 6 years with the national standardization body UNI, as a member of the working group of net manufacturers “CT042/GL15”.

We have known Buraschi Italia for 5 years and we now use their tools and machines

Our first purchase was their clipping machine Model A24/S which we use to repair our safety nets (we boast a fleet of nets of 500,000 m2), then we also included in our production the RP5 BR PNEUMATIC  that we use for the perimeter edging and the coupling of net. Recently we purchased the DYNA 600 DP  that we use to check and verify the quality of our nets and to carry out periodic reviews of both our net fleet and our customers’ nets.

We are very satisfied with the relationship and the kind and prompt attention to our requests. We are also developing with BURASCHI the possibility of improving and integrating other machines for our specific needs.

Giuseppe Besana
General manager

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