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We started the job in June 2000 with 3 Buraschi sewing machines mod. RP5BR PNEUMATIC and we are up to 37 RP5BR PNEUMATIC in March 2010. These machines allow a better production for confectioning of fishing and safety nets and show an high quality in sewing operation of nets and ropes. For a further increase of production we are willing to change to RP7, the new generation of sewing machines. We are very satisfied with the job performed by these machines which allow a heavy duty and are the most suitable for fishing and agricultural nets. During these 10 years of activities we have also implemented Buraschi products such as net gauges, clipping machines, zip and recently machine for measuring, marking and cutting ropes CM3. Lorenzo Buraschi and his team are doing a remarkable job and pay a lot of attention to the new need of this industrial field.

Marcelo Calderón
General manager

Panamericana Norte Km.10 lote 22
Piruquina, Castro
Phone: 0056 65 63 53 65
Fax: 0056 65 63 53 65