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Stamatiou S.A. is the largest Mediterranean equipment supplier since 1980. From the first stages of Stamatiou S.A. involvement in aquaculture, developed a net loft back in 1990. We decide to get and try first of all Buraschi sewing machines as they had very good reputation (among other manufacturers) and being manufactured in neighbor European country with all benefits rising from that. Since that first trial of Buraschi machines, for more than 20 years, we purchased no other sewing machines brand than Buraschi. The reasons are: excellent technical & quality characteristics of Buraschi machines. Long life span of machines exceeding our expectations. Fast & accurate after sales service. Spare parts availability and last but not least excellent communication and cooperation with the personnel of Buraschi SRL and Mr. Lorenzo Buraschi personally. Today we are equipped by several RP5BR and the latest RP7BR PNEUMATIC WITH POWERED HEAVY THREAD FEEDER.

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