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At Stanek Netting Company we are a leading North American manufacture of Industrial and Athletic fabrics along with knotless netting. We purchased our first two RP7 BR Pneumatic Buraschi Sewing Machines in January 2017 and there has been no looking back since. We have been so impressed with the quality and reliability of our first two Buraschi RP7 BR Pneumatic sewing machines that in March of 2017 we purchased two H450 pneumatic sewing machines, two H500 4-5 and one RP7 BR Pneumatic in November 2017. That is a total of seven Buraschi sewing machines this year. The high quality, speed and ease of use of the Buraschi machines have allowed us at Stanek Netting to increase our manufacturing output dramatically. What sets Buraschi apart from everyone else in the industry is that when you purchase a Buraschi Sewing Machine you are not only receiving the highest quality sewing machine on the market you are also getting the customer and technical support of a company that stands behind their products.

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