A14 – A24/s – Faset Certificate

Pneumatic clipping machine for reparing nets

The C-ring clipper is an alternative system for repairing nets to manual sewing with needle and thread.

It has a low cost and the field of application is practically unlimited. It comes in a ABS suite-case.

Product Sheet

Most common applications

  • To repair safety nets
  • The squared joining of the mesh
  • The assembly of some trammel nets
  • The welding of two cable terminals
  • The cable clamping to create the loops
  • The strengthening of the manual sewing of the net with the cable
  • Any other application where joining or soldering should be required

5 different models

Each model requires only one type of C-ring with an “open” dimension for the material feeding and a closed tight dimension. The combination of these dimensions enables to evaluate the material to be clipped and the tightness to be reached after clipping.

In term of dimensions, the clip opening goes from 6.2 to 25 mm, while clip diameter goes from 1.5 to 3 mm.

Assembled to a stand

Adjustable height that allows the operator to use both hands to work on the application. In this case, the closing of the clipper is given by the foot switch.

With manual gripping

This portable clipper can easily be carried in every place. We are sure these pneumatic clipping machines will meet the applications of your Company. We are at your disposal for any further explanation you may need.


For underwater applications, the clipper can be connected to the diver’s cylinder. A14 and A24 are recommended models for these applications. In this case we will also supply a pressure gauge, an adapter and the air hose.

Consume of air for 100 c-rings

The model A14 clipper is connected to a 15 liter tank (200 bar, first stage set at 7.2 bar)
– 15 bars at sea level
– 30 bars at 10 m depth

Air consumption doubled every 10 meters of depth.

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