Dyna 600 DP Dynamometer

Professional Net Tester for net up to 600 kgs.

High range mobile digital dynamometer especially designed and built for testing the stretching of nets.

Product Sheet

Main features

Our digital dynamometer DYNA 600 DP is a high range mobile unit especially designed and built for testing the stretching of nets.

It enables a built-in certificate of test report for safety and fishing nets complying with ISO 1806 – DIN 53 844 standards.

The speed of stretching is adjustable so that you can also choose your own test parameters.

Our deep know-how, the experiences acquired, as well as the knowledge of the particular needs of this specific sector have allowed us to design, build and improve our BURASCHI DYNA 600 DP testing unit.

  • Height 154 cm
  • Width 66 cm
  • Lenght 140 cm
  • Weight 160 kg
  • Complete unit installed on a solid and heavy frame with locking feet and wheels
  • 15“ Touch screen pc
  • Dedicated software for Windows and all Windows licenses.
  • Complete unit capable of testing the stringing of nets from 0 to 600 kg
  • Distance between hooks with 600 mm displacement
  • Built-in certificate of test report complying with ISO 1806 – DIN 53 844 standards of Load Peak in Newton (N), kgf and pound (lb) as well as of Elongation
  • Peak in inches (in) and millimetres (mm). You can determine also the elongation (stretching) in % ( Strain Peak % ) from original mesh dimension. For example, the stretch mesh of 100 mm broken to 140 mm corresponds to a Strain Peak equal to 40% of the original mesh dimension.
  • Possibility of printing for the issuance of your own test certificate, with the possibility of inserting the name and logo of your company.
  • Full color printer included
  • Calibration certificate
  • 1 EUR-pallet – Gross weight: 200 kg
  • Dimensions cm LxWxH: 140 X 66 X 154

The entire unit is ready to use, and there is no need to add anything, neither hooks nor anything else.

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