Gill 2

Sewing machine for fish netting

For Gill Net nets, trammel nets and barracuda nets. The device for setting up your own trammel net is optional.

Product Sheet

Custom stitching system

The design of our shipowner is customized to the needs of those who work in the fishing sector.

The GILL 2 model has been completely revised, to offer greater functionality and an even more flexible sewing system, thanks to the new standard equipment that makes the machine easy to use and low maintenance.

Floating ropes and ropes with floats

The GILL 2 sews floating cords up to 15 mm in diameter and is stronger than its predecessor. Thanks to the electronic motor with automatic cycle it is also more performing in the sewing of lead ropes.
The touch-screen dashboard supplied as standard allows automatic movement of the needle, control of the feed, lifting of the pneumatic presser and programming of various sewing speeds. On request, a device is available, conceived in collaboration with our customers, which has allowed us to mechanize the preparation of trammel nets and nets for Barracuda.

Detail of a trammel net.

GILL 2 net sewing machine is capable of sewing through the lead rope.

Special device specially designed, optional with the GILL 2, suitable for preparing the trammel net.

  • Height 115 cm
  • Width 59 cm
  • Lenght 131 cm
  • Weight 218 kg
  • Motor: single phase
  • Hz: 50/60
  • Power: 450W

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