Join Rope

A sewing machine especially designed for ropes splicing.

JOIN ROPE is designed to join any type of rope, from 16 mm up to 22 mm making this activity easier, more precise, faster, with a perfect execution and a strength of the seam much higher than any hand-made work.

Product Sheet

Versatile stitching system

The Join Rope allows you to sew ropes of different diameters, from 16 to 22 mm, but it can also be adapted to smaller diameters on request.

Reliable high technology

Equipped with a 12” Touch Screen PC Panel and dedicated software, it has a 3-axis servo motor control and remote control. Furthermore, via the Internet, JOIN ROPE can be connected to Buraschi Italia to carry out installations, parameter settings and manage the installed programs.
It is also equipped with three high-performance Mitsubishi stepper motors.

Standard main clamp for stitching ropes from 16 mm to 22 mm.

12″ PC Panel touch screen on board with dedicated software (2 USB – 1 LAN).

High performance stepping motor.

Test report # 321981 of the ISTITUTO GIORDANO – ITALY for the Traction Resistance Test of a 20 mm diameter rope (nominal length 1,600 mm) joined by BURASCHI JOIN ROPE.
Test result: maximum mean force 51545 N.

Executions of Seams with various kinds and thicknesses of ropes.

  • Servomotor PLC Control by Three Axles
  • Remote Control. Through Internet, the JOIN ROPE can be connected to Buraschi Italia to carry out installations, parameter settings and manage the installed programs.
  • Three Mitsubishi High Performance Stepping Motors
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Standard Clamp for the most common implementations
  • Dedicated Clamp to specific implementation on customer request
  • Mobile stand on wheels / Adjustable leveling feet
  • Built-in silent air compressor
  • Air gun for cleaning
  • Needle cooler
  • LED lighting of the sewing area and o the Looper area
  • Independent Winder
  • Metal protection on the corners
  • Execution Speed compared to manual splicing
  • Best for Aquaculture Nets and Safety Nets
  • Easy to Perform
  • Strenght of the Seam

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