Net Sewing Machine for medium and high seams.

The RP5 BR Pneumatic is suitable for sewing nets with or without knots or rope inserts up to 20 mm in diameter.

Heavy duty net sewing machine

RP5 BR is a net sewing machine suitable for intense daily work. The care with which it was made and the materials used are of the highest quality.

Designed and manufactured for sewing nets

Designed to be used in various industrial sectors, the RP5 BR is able to easily sew different types of nets. Put it to the test!

Easy to use

Robust, versatile and intuitive to use RP5 BR is a sewing machine able to join fishing nets as well as sport nets and safety nets with different ropes. 

Detail of the net sewing machine RP5 BR PNEUMATIC.

Maximum care for the design and construction of all pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls in order to facilitate the maintenance, control and setting of this net sewing machine.

The innovative EFKA DC 1550 motor with which the RP5 BR is equipped contains all the electronic boards, the control buttons and the technical settings necessary to join nets and ropes, allowing the automation of many functions that simplify sewing.

The acoustic impact is practically zero.

The special steel blunt-tip needle, a Buraschi's exclusive, is designed not to damage the net fibers during sewing.


  • Height 130 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Lenght 115 cm
  • Weight 146 kg

It is very important to have pneumatic power assist for sewing (pedal lift, puller lift, needle positioning, etc.) not only for ease of use, but also for the most efficient and smooth operation of the machine.


RP5BR Pneumatic

Fish cage construction

Testing materials

Knotted 1

Knotted 2

Knotted 3

Knotted 4


Fish farming knotted seal protection nets operation

Sewing used fish farming nets

Sewing used fish farming nets with and without rope



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