Top performing Net Sewing Machine for aquaculture, safety and industrial nets

Designed for sewing thicker nets. 

This Net Sewing Machine works impressively fast on the medium and high seam nets with or without knots and rope inserts up to 25 mm in diameter, letting you enjoy a new seam experience.

Heavy duty net sewing machine

This net sewing machine is designed and built with premium materials to tackle every working day with the precision, power and speed of day one.

Designed and manufactured specifically for sewing nets

RP7BR PNEUMATIC handles any material, from simple thread to synthetic chemical fibres, as well as knotted and knotless nets.

Suitable for aquaculture, sports and safety nets

This net sewing machine has been designed to be used on different types of nets, always guaranteeing the best performance.

Detail of the RP7 BR PNEUMATIC net sewing machine, showing the operational area and many key components.

With special steel blunt-tipped needle as standard, the net's fibres will not be damaged during sewing.

A pneumatic pressure foot keeps constant pressure on the sewn material. Its significant lifting power helps the material's movement.

The double traction puller has been designed with both upper and lower drive roller, with a very powerful traction that suits the thicker nets this machine has  to sew.

Standard configuration.

Equipped with a strong and compact EFKA electronic motor with integrated control device that allows many automation features to simplify sewing. This also assists the maintenance, control and settings.

Zero noise impact.

This feature allows you to save up to 50% energy compared to a conventional motor.

Key components have been completely redesigned and manufactured by machining and not by casting.

Made from the AISI 315 special alloy, the components are significantly superior to traditional machine cast components. In addition, our key components are heat-treated in critical areas and are extremely strong, durable and reliable with a significant reduction of the break down.


  • Height 133 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Lenght 122 cm
  • Weight 178 kg
  • Stitch length from 10-15 mm
  • Sewing thickness 30 mm
  • Power 1200 W, 50/60 HZ, 230 sing. phase V
  • Needle 400 BUR

Equipped with a strong and compact EFKA electronic motor that allows:

Adjustable sewing speed using the pedal.
Needle control to be stopped in the pre-set position.
Adjustable speed for each operation to be chosen and set up on display.

This integrated control device configures the machine's pneumatic and electro-pneumatic commands, allowing many automation features to simplify sewing

The noise impact is practically zero.

Besides the motor's high quality, it avoids wear and power consumption by shutting down when the machine is turned on but not sewing.


RP7BR Pneumatic - Net to rope

RP7 BR Pneumatic overwiew

Customers at work

Knotless net to net and net rope sewing

Machine knotless nets & rope sewing

Machine knotted nets & rope sewing

Machine sewing of net variety

Customer at work

Customer at work

Sport & safety nets

Knotted Safety Net

Braided sewing twine

Heavy knotted nets and rope

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