Net testing equipment

Machine designed and built for wet net testing: abrasion resistance and durability tests in sea water (cold and salty).

Main features

BURASCHI MILA 200 WET is a professional and robust machine suitable for abrasion resistance and durability tests. It is a unique piece of equipment on the world market.

The long-term performance of materials depends not only on physical and chemical degradation processes, but also on mechanical resistance to abrasion. With this machine, different types of tests can be performed on different materials: net, rope, belt, canvas or others.

We simulated conditions similar to those of the sea with waves or the rubbing of corners or obstacles. Each material can be tested on this machine for optimum abrasion resistance and durability inspection.

As there are no specific rules regarding how to carry out this type of test, our customers can choose to use their own parameters in order to obtain a clear evaluation of the reliability or otherwise of the material to be tested.

Tensile stress in kg during the abrasion test: adjustable from 1 kg to over 20.8 kg.

The rotating drum is always underwater to ensure constant abrasion on wet net. The MILA 200 WET tank is about 80 Lt.

Display for showing the speed in meters per minute from 5.6 to 33.2 m per minute.

Four-digit counter to choose the duration of the Test (Timing): cycles from 1 to 9999.


  • Height 101 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Lenght 108 cm
  • Weight 165 kg
  • Single phase 240V - 50/60Hz


MILA 200 Wet overview

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