Rope Marker CM5/B

Machine for measuring, marking and cutting 5 cm diameter ropes.

The Buraschi CM5/B rope marker measures, marks and hot cuts with extreme precision ropes for fishing, aquaculture, safety and sports.

Product Sheet

Main features

The Buraschi CM5/B rope marker can be used for mooring or in any case for large ropes up to 50/60 mm (1.97 in up to 2.36 in) and allows you to record and store a wide range of repeatable processes on request.

This all-in-one machine will allow you to significantly speed up your work and, thanks to its accuracy with a maximum margin of 1%, you will also avoid different and inaccurate results of measuring, marking and cutting the strings.

Equipped with wheels, the Buraschi CM5/B string marker can be moved wherever needed in your system. It is perfectly capable of working with coils and continuing to work at the end of the coil with a simple splice.

The Buraschi CM5 / B string marker is easy to use and once you have started the program you have chosen, it works without the need for an operator.

At the end of the processing the CM5/B will emit an acoustic signal that will notify you of the completion of the program.

Rope process time

We have done some testing and reported the related process times below to give you a better idea of the performance of the CM3 / B Rope Marker.
The test was carried out on 50 mm polysteel rope.
No operator is required during the work cycle.

  • How long does it take to measure a 20m long rope and mark each piece 6 times with one color?
    Time needed 96”
  • How long does it take to measure a 5m long rope and add 6 markings with one color?
    Time needed 44”
  • How long does it take to measure a 30m long rope?
    Time needed 100”

PC Panel

Marking System

Cutting System

Silent air compressor

Syncronized undwinder

No more


  • Lenght: 220 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Height: 180 cm


  • Lenght: 210 cm
  • Width: 130 cm
  • Height: 170 cm

Net weigth: 300 kg

  • Transmission pulley and brake
  • Powered pulley toothed wheels jagged teeth to better help the traction
  • Idle pulley for pneumatic contrast
  • Electronic meter with instrument for setting marking cycles
  • Rope feeding adjustable speed
  • Silent air compressor
  • Rope end sensor
  • Frame with locking feet and wheels
  • Hot cutter system and smoke vacuum
  • PC panel

In order to perform correctly, the voltage should not vary over 5% from the rated value. When the motor is running respecting the above margin, the over temperature can increase other 10° C at least.

  • Power: 220 – 240 V Single Phase

Synchronized coil unwinder able to work with heavy ropes 50-60 mm. (1.97-2.36 in)

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