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Marine zippers for nets and tarps

Our zippers are designed specifically for marine use.

They are, however, extremely versatile offering a virtually unlimited range of applicationsin water and on land.

Product Sheet

Wide range of uses

Fishing, floating containment boom, filters for oil pollution or muddy water, fixed or removable tarpaulins, sports nets, tensile structures, canopies, gazebos, agriculture, etc.

Our zippers are very resistant to the marine environment consisting of salt water, light and chemicals.

Hi-tech replaceable teeth

Yellow teeth overmolded in low viscosity POM AMCEL KP20 (9) have high mechanical strength and impact resistance. The black teeth are treated with master carbon black additive for optimal resistance to UV rays.

Both of them are easily replaceable!

High quality fabric

The fabric made of high tenacity polyester, or dyneema, or webbing woven with high tenacity polyester yarns over extruded with PVC, allows applications such as H / F welding, heat sealing or knotless bonded mesh.

We produce customized zips with required length or in bulk and with teeth of different sizes according to the specific needs of the customer.

The zip will be supplied according to the length required by the customer. All our models of zip are available with or without the net and related type must be specified at order time.

Buraschi Italia, marine zippers version 1, with net on both sides.

VERSION 1 – Marine zipper closed at the bottom.

Buraschi Italia zip fasteners for marine and sport use.

VERSION 2 – Separable marine zipper.

Heavy duty zip fasteners with open ends, produced by Buraschi Italia

VERSION 3 – Marine zip fasteners with open ends.

Heavy duty zippers with closed ends, Buraschi Italia

VERSION 4 – Marine zip fasteners with closed ends.

Buraschi Italia marine zippers with net

Marine zip fasteners with net.

Buraschi Italia mazine zip fasteners without net.

Heavy duty marine zippers without net.

Our marine fasteners are designed to be used in seawater, fish farms and in contexts where conditions of use are critical for other types of fasteners.

Buraschi Marine fasteners in fish cages.

An example of a model S146R marine zipper installed along the entire circumference of a cage.

Fish cage with Buraschi marine zip fasteners.

Zipper opening step performed remotely with a rope.

Model S146R seen in detail.

Top view of the fish rearing cages.

Top view of the fish farm cages in which our marine zippers were used.

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