Safety Netting

The production of safety netting is one of the fields of application in which our net sewing machines play a key role.

Safety nets and lifeline netting allow workers to move freely and to safely handle even potentially dangerous situations, for example on construction sites (construction and scaffolding netting) and on piers. Safety netting are also used in contexts related to sports and leisure such as ski slopes, adventure parks and playgrounds.

Safety nets for transportation

Safety nets are also essential to prevent materials from falling from fixed shelves (shelves in facilities and warehouses) or containers, as well as during road transport or sailing on vessels of all sizes, from small motorboats to cruise ships to cargo ships where goods must be secured to ensure their integrity.

Tensile testing and repair equipment for safety netting

The perfect state of safety nets is essential to always guarantee safe working and leisure environments, in compliance with the regulations and without generating problems to those who manage construction sites, but also ski slopes and adventure parks for example.

In order to make the work of site managers and sports facilities managers as easy as possible, we have designed and manufactured portable testing instruments to test the resistance and elongation of the nets, but also repair tools, such as our portable net clipping machines, perfect for nets placed in any environment, on land or in water.

Excellent safety standards for safety netting

The nets used in this field must comply with specific regulations that may vary from country to country. Our technicians are constantly updated on the regulations and the uses for which they are required and can help you choose the most suitable sewing machine for your safety netting production.

As Buraschi Italia we are members of FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training), the UK trade and training association for the safety netting and temporary safety equipment industry.

Protection netting made to excel

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in this market we have developed specific sewing machines for nets, ropes and tarpaulins entirely made and assembled in Italy with top quality components for which we have selected not only the most suitable and resistant materials, but also the processes. For the manufacturing of components subject to greater wear and stress, we use CNC machining which, in addition to being extremely precise, allows us to obtain components that are much more resistant and durable than those made by turning and casting.

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